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Petru Petrov

The history of Galerie Edition Raphael is inseparably bonded to the history of its founder, Petru Petrov.

My father - born in the northern-romanian city Bacau almost eight decades ago - immigrated along with my mother to Germany in 1970.

In his former and first professional life my father was an opera singer and part of the ensemble of the Darmstädter Opera. Music, from early childhood on until today, had affected him and surely influenced his aesthetic sensation also in regard to visual arts.
But by the end of the 1970s, cigarettes had brought his singing career to an inevitable end…

It was a casual acquaintance with fellow Romanian painter Horia Damian who sparked the idea to face the adventure of running an art gallery. Damian gave my at that time rather low-spirited father the following advice: “If you don’t know what you should do, now that you are not singing anymore, look for a nice retail space and organize an exhibition of my works.”
My father always has been a man of action and didn’t have to be asked twice. So in April 1981 he inaugurated his first gallery located in Frankfurts’ Westend (Feldbergstrasse 2) with an exhibition by Horia Damian. In 1983 the opening of our present gallery space in downtown Domstrasse 6 followed. Due to a typical hesitation of immigrants of his generation to “advertise” their roots with a foreign-sounding company name, he chose the more neutral name of his at that time two-year-old son Raphael to name his gallery. Later he always said: “I chose the name of my son, hoping he would bring me luck…” 
Matter of fact, it did.


Now, after more than 30 years, we look back upon:
205 themed and solo exhibitions, including classic modern and post-war prints and multiples from artists such as Francis Bacon, Georges Braque, Marc Chagall, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, Henri Matisse, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Antoni Tapiès, to name a few.
Among contemporary artists we showed James Coignard, Horia Damian, Giovanni Frangi, Peter Klasen, Bengt Lindström, Eric Liot, Max Papart and Bernard Pras.
The publishing of more than 100 sole prints or portfolios from artists of the gallery, f.e. by Shoichi Hasegawa, Denis Jully, James Coignard, Max Papart or Pierre-Marie Brisson.
The publishing of an uncounted amount of exhibition catalogues, monographs and brochures about artists represented by the gallery.
The participation at international art fairs around the globe, such as ArtParis, StArt (Strasbourg), LineArt (Gent), ArtKarlsruhe, Arte Fiera Bologna, TIAF Toronto International Art Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Petru & Raphael PetrovAt last and most importantly we look back upon the delight and fulfillment to convey the idea of “dem Wahren, Schönen, Guten” (“the true, beautiful, good”), to use Goethes’ famous words as a fellow Frankfurt-born.

My father had retired more and more from the operative business of the gallery over the last few years and slowly handed down the leadership to me. He was nonetheless by my side at all times with his insight and advice and for that I am sincerely grateful.
Petru Petrovs’ character stands symbolically for the first 30 years of the gallery: Strong, ambitious, engaging and optimistic.
I hope to go about the next 30 years with similar virtues. Unfortunately my father passed away on September 15th, 2011. My efforts in the gallery are dedicated to him.

Raphael Petrov
raphael petrov